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What’s a Live Dealer Casino and How to Play in It

Live dealers are a novel way to enjoy online casino gambling, as you play through a live-stream but have a similar experience as if you were inside a brick-and-mortar casino. Learn all about them here.

How to Access

To play at a live casino you must register a casino account and choose your favourite game. By selecting a live room, you will enter to the game just as if you were joining a table at a real casino. The dealer will take care of starting and finishing the game, taking the bets, and dealing the cards innever-interrupted transmission.

Whats a Live Dealer Casino and How to Play in It 1 - What's a Live Dealer Casino and How to Play in It

What to Play at a Live Dealer

Live Roulette

You can play with a live dealer who will welcome you. You’ll have an estimated time to place your bets.

The livedealer will turn the roulette wheel every time they have to.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat has many different betsand payment options, making it the perfect choice for players who are looking for an easier game to play but with great payouts. The live dealer will be in charge of organizing the bets and placing the cards on the table.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack has one of the best real-time interactions of all. The game between you and the dealer will be unforgettable. You’ll want to play again and again.

Who’s Dealing the Cards

The live dealer is the one who manages the online gaming room that you can watch via live stream. Real live dealers are trained to meet all your needs in the best possible way. Some of them even speak several languages.

Famous Live Online Casinos

There’re many famous live online casinos. To determine whether one is truly professional you must verify that it has a license. The best online casinos use the latest encryption technologies, so you can be sure that your data is safe and will not be shared.

Also, they will let you try their games in demo mode before you register to play. You can enjoy them from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Now that you know how to play at a live casino, dare to win big with a live dealer who will help you in the best way.