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Popular Terms For New Players In The Slot Machine Game (Part 3)

Flexible redemption with generous offers is a great reason for players to choose to try their slot machines. 

Payline: This is a picture of the winning examples (usually shown on both sides of the bar). 

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Basic machines usually have 9 different payline types

And now, video game machines often have hundreds of different paylines. They are also very different in shape (e.g. horizontal, vertical, oblique, triangle, zigzag, etc.). The player just has to come up with a picture like a payline to win.

Rollup: Rollup is a mechanism in which a player wins a single line of money. For eg, a bonus of 1 million is going to count from 1 million to 1 million with funny pictures and sounds. 

Short pay: this is the time when the slot machine will pay the customer, but not enough money left in the machine. The lost sum will be charged by hand pay, or the mechanic “charges” will pay more money to the coin hopper. 

Scatter Symbol: the scatter symbol must have at least two scatter symbols (with another nature image) to complete the payline in the game slot. If there are more than 2 images, the sum of the incentive would be higher. Perhaps the scatter symbol will trigger some kind of bonus (e.g. free spin or reward x2 wins). The Scatter logo and the Wild logo may be the same on some consoles.

Taste (rebate): in this range applies to a small fee that the slot machine gives to the player (to keep the player seated on the machine). For eg, a player playing all 100k will be refunded 10k. 

Scatter Symbols and Wild Symbols are “golden symbols” that players still choose to carry when they play with a slot machine. 

Tilt: Slot-based game machines (mechanical) typically have a tilt option. When the system stalls, it also emits a long or constant echo. The lever machine is no longer common, however when anything isn’t close (e.g. screen door, gear, cash paper,…), the machine still produces a tone. And the mechanic is naming it Tilt.