tai xuong - Popular Terms For New Players In The Slot Machine Game (Part 2)
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Popular Terms For New Players In The Slot Machine Game (Part 2)

Free Spin: Free spins are bonus spins for a player. Upon getting free spins, the player would not have to spend any money on these spins. To win this award, the player must draw a sequence of insistence (usually images with the word Scatter or Wild) with a number of 3 or more images. And often in free spins, other free spins may also be activated. So if you’re lucky, you can get the system “rewarded” with a lot of free spins.

Hand Pay: When you press the “Cash Out” button on your slot machine, check the code and the number will come up. The player takes this flyer and returns to the counter to exchange currency. If you don’t want to swap money directly but keep playing, the player puts the check back into another computer and starts playing (the balance on the check will be seen in the credit meter as the player enters). Often hand pay also applies to large prizes (such as small, massive or super prizes) whose worth exceeds the pay frame of the machine. 

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The player must contact the operator and take care of that

Hopper fill slip (check is attached to the cash drawer): this is a piece of paper with a background of transferring coins to the machine (when the machine is running out of money to pay customers). Above would report the sum and number of times plus the time the officer placed the money in the machine. 

Low Level/Slant Top and Stand Up or Erect (standing machine): The first form of job is a machine with a chair for the player to sit down. Form 2 needs to stand to play.

MEAL Book (System Entry Authorizing Document): This is a file in the machine that documents the login of the officer who controls the game slot machine. 

Multiplier: The multiplier of the winning number.

Optimal Play: The amount of percent refunds to the team. If players apply the right approach to reduce major losses, they will typically earn a few small refunds (which may be called commissions).