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Live Online or Online Blackjack – Differences and Similarities

Blackjack is a game that can be played in several ways. Below you can read a list with some differences and similarities between live blackjack and online blackjack.



In online blackjack, players have the option to play against the computer while in live online blackjack they play against the house with the help of a real croupier.


The live casino requires a lot of concentration. Sometimes, with the noise of other games, it’s difficult to concentrate. When playing online, there is not so much distraction as it will just be you and the graphics.

Beginners vs Experts

If you are a beginner, it is much better to play blackjack online. You will not feel the pressure of a dealer waiting for your moves.

You can take advantage of the free games offered by online casinos to practice at your convenience.


Live dealers have their rhythm of play. Sometimes it’s a little slow. With traditional online dealers, the game moves faster and you have more control of the game.

Take Advantage of Free Games

If you still have doubts about playing the traditional online blackjack or the live casino version, you can opt for the free games and decide.

By not feeling the pressure of a real money bet, you can experiment. This way you will know if you prefer to play calm with graphics or if you prefer the live casino experience with all its noises.


24/7 Gambling Experience

It’s possible to play at any time, any day. This experience has nothing to envy to real-life experience in Las Vegas.


Although in live online casinos it is based on the classic game, both online and live online casinos offer different variants of blackjack.

Live casinos are a great experience. But most of the time, they are full of experienced people who have no patience for beginners.

Distraction Anytime

A traditional online casino can be the best way to get distracted while using public transportation. As long as you mute the sound or use your headphones so as not to disturb others, this will be your most entertaining distraction.

You could also play with a live dealer, but it won’t be the same if you have to mute it in case you don’t have the headphones with you.

You don’t have to commit to one option forever. Your choice will depend on your mood at the time. If you feel like socializing, the live casino will always be the best option. If you prefer to be relaxed and not feel pressured, the traditional version will be your best companion.

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