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3 Easy Betting Approach But Few People Practice It (Part 2)

Don’t follow the crowd

The theory of the resistance against the crowd 

This betting strategy is simple to make, so you just need to battle the crowd. 

This strategy is based on the idea that the house often takes a gamble, showing what they believe the majority would pick. The dealer’s primary aim is to position markets that will equalize bets between two doors-not to forecast the result of the match. For eg, today there is an even match between rivals Nadal and Djokovic. If you see that Nadal’s eating chances keep dropping, it’s because people hurry to reach Nadal, not actually the chances of winning in Nadal’s favour. 

This has given rise to some strong bets. Then if you want to go against the crowd, you’re going to have an edge. But how do we know what the rest of us are choosing?

Dividing money


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If you want to pass your bet to a different level, you can limit the amount you spend on each bet code

This is because sports betting is a very taxing practice. And even the majority of them are going through long losing streaks. 

Skilled betting firms only put 1 to 2 percent of their resources per bet. This is a basic way of substantially minimizing the risk of your account being broken.


As long as you have decent betting skills and practice, you are more likely to make a good profit from this conservative betting process. 

Another benefit is that this strategy makes you more relaxed, with less tension, just wagering 2% or less of your money. In the opposite, betting 25% or more creates a lot more fear when things don’t go your way. 


The downside to this approach is that you need a decent amount of cash on hand-about $1,000. If capital is thin, then a bet of 1-2 per cent would yield marginal returns. 

In addition, this cautious approach would also make it very difficult for you to maintain consistency. To be successful, you need to hold to the premise that you only bet 1-2 percent, no matter how good your bet is.