images 3 - 3 Easy betting approach but few people practice it (Part 1)
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3 Easy betting approach but few people practice it (Part 1)

Are there any good betting methods that actually increase your chances of winning against a dealer or at least reduce the risk of flying your account? Yes of course. These are very simple and basic methods, too. 

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These betting methods will be covered by the remainder of this article


It’s like a restaurant with a lot of dishes at your disposal. And it’s easy for people to get into a lot of different things-to bet on a lot of bets, even things you don’t know a lot about. 

Forte is very important for players to bet. If you’re new, I strongly recommend that you focus on just one sport, even one football team. It’s going to help you build a deep understanding of the sport/team. Gradually, your bets will be wise and informative. 

In short, specialize your betting by hitting just one subject, a few leagues or a team… one of the reasons people lose is because they bet too much and go wild. 


That said, focusing on a subject makes you an expert on it. You’re not playing or touching things that you don’t know well. So the unfortunate rate is reduced to the lowest. 

Of course, even if you focus on soccer, not every match/league you play, for example. Experience is just playing major tournaments/big games. Since a low “semi-degree” probability occurs.

Also only live matches should be played. Live follow-up will make it easier to read the match and gain more experience.


When you’re focusing on just one thing, there’s not always a game for you to play. 

It’s not to mention that if you only follow 1 team in the whole season, it’s sometimes boring. 

Understand that its long-term benefits far outweigh some of the downsides that you may have.