A tiny Silvereye enjoys the sunshine.
Kereru wood-pigeon
A tui in the bottlebrush
Fantail resting on Renga Renga Lily - NZ Rock Lily

Vista del Sol or "View of the Sun" is a newly developed luxurious B&B in Kapiti, the sunshine and nature coast, that is situated 50 minutes North of Wellington and 1 hour South of Palmerston North. The Kapiti area has a wonderful climate with high sunshine hours, good temperatures with low humidity and generally less wind and rain than many parts of New Zealand.

The property is set on thirty thousand year old sand dunes enjoying 360 degree views of an unspoiled panorama 1 km back from the beach. The property faces West to the Coast over wetland bush valleys and ancient sand dunes and magnificent sunsets, South-West to Kapiti Island, North over rolling farmland and North-East to the Tararua Mountain Ranges.

The local area was originally covered in lowland forest, set back from a series of wetlands, swamps and connected waterways that enabled pre-Europeans to canoe for many miles along the coast.

The land was cleared for farming in the mid to late 1800’s and Vista del Sol''s 15 acres was part of a large farm that was subdivided in the 1990’s. A house was built on top of the site, 100 feet above sea level - that commands wide views of the area in all directions.

Trees and gardens are now 16 years old, with many gardens having been enhanced in 2008 and 2009 - please see the flower gallery.

The current gardens, flowers and bush attract a wide variety of New Zealand’s bushland birds in season, ranging from the tui, bellbirds, wood pigeons, wax-eyes and fantails, to cruising hawks looking for a rabbit dinner. The birds on the left are all photographed at Vista del Sol, see also Birds at Vista del Sol page and the Vista del Sol diary for photos of birds, happenings, stories etc.

These are joined by the ever present English birds: sparrows, starlings, thrushes, and blackbirds, together with occasional bird visitors including pukeko from the neighboring wetlands, pheasant from the sand dune areas, peacocks from a colony several farms away, paradise ducks looking for a spare paddock, rosella parakeets looking for fruit and seeds, and welcome swallows visiting for nesting and raising their young over the Summer.

The property has grass covered rolling hills and was developed as a horse property with two horse arenas that are occasionally used for equestrian training by Vay Snyman, one of New Zealand’s top riders and coaches.

Nowadays we enjoy having Satin, a Timor pony with great attitude and Echo, her big pony friend, laze around enjoying human company and treats.

Mike and Lynette purchased Vista del Sol in 2005 and started a development program with landscaping, building development and replanting of gardens. They believe strongly in sustainable business practices - see the conservation efforts and development program pages.

An orchard has been planted with a wide variety of apples, nectarines, peaches, pears, apricots, figs, plums, avocado, pomegranate, fejoa, oranges, mandarins and lemons. The flower gardens take advantage of the warm climate with some of Mike's favorites being hibiscus, roses and dahlia and, in Winter, azalea and rhododendron, together with spring and late summer bulbs. See the flower gallery for photos.

New water systems have been installed which take advantage of some of the most pure artesian water in the area - this is used as a back up to the 50,000 litres storage of rain water - all water is pure with no additives and is also filtered for sediment and undergoes ultraviolet treatment for any bacterial content.

At the same time advanced new waste water systems have been installed that provide irrigation and preserve the fragile and ancient sand country in which Vista del Sol is based.

In 2008 and 2009 the 12 year old house was extensively remodeled, doubled in size and is now a 6000-7000 square foot executive home decorated to a luxurious standard for guests staying at Vista del Sol.

VISTA DEL SOL - View of the Sun