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Birds at Vista del Sol over Summer 2011/12

Posted by Mike on 13 March 2012 | 0 Comments

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The planting of food trees has been good for the local bird life - we had 4 baby tuis bred this year - the nest was in the pine trees behind the Spa and Mum Tui brought them into the garden for several weeks when our nectar trees were in flower over christmas - particularly the Banksia and Pohutakawa. Most of the birds disappear for 8 weeks in late summer - Feb/March (and then you will see more bellbirds that are normally chased away by the Tuis)  - but they call though to check out the state of plants almost daily.  I saw a young Tui hopping around on the ground checking out the flowers, and one perched on the gladioli sipping nectar.

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Tui's Turn up 2011

Posted by Mike on 27 March 2011 | 0 Comments

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The Tui's are flying in to check the Banksia's which have their bracts forming and opening for Nectar over the Winter months.  I heard the first calls at dawn from the trees yesterday, and the Tui's will around the house until February as various other trees start to bloom.

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Birds - Birds - Birds - native NZ Birds

Posted by Mike on 15 July 2010 | 0 Comments

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What a week for native birds at Vista del Sol -

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Bird Update

Posted by Mike on 25 May 2010 | 0 Comments

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With the Banksias going into flower, now followed by the protia, red hot pokers, camelia, and finally the Kowhai - all the birds are back, grey warbler in are in tree outside my window, you can usually here them in full song from somewhere close by, the Tui are all round and usually singing from Dawn til dusk, - I saw one in the Kowhai today - it is a minature and now in flower - only a metre high but it did not stop the tui climbing all over it to sip the nectar.  The Bell birds are about, a flock of pukeko was in Satins paddock right up at the house - including a little one, hawks are close by the house - one has a gliding line that runs about 15 mitres away from my window, fantails are in constant motion, the Eastern Rosellas are roosting probably in the big pines - they spend time in the paddocks which still have seed heads on the grass, a morepork has moved back in we hear it calling at night.

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Tui's arrive

Posted by Mike on 22 April 2010 | 0 Comments


The Tui's have arrived with the Banksia going into flower in the last two weeks.  They call at dawn and evening - and are checking out the various trees during the day.  The have been away for several months since the pohutakawa finished flowering in January.

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Baby Tui at Vista del Sol, Luxury Bed and Breakfast, Kapiti

Posted by Mike on 8 January 2010 | 0 Comments

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The Tui were nesting in the large Banksia - they were quite aggressive chasing the sparrows away - we have been rewarded with a baby Tui pictured here - it does not sing - just follows its mother around squarking - baby Tui do not have a white bib, it was happy to flap between the banksia nesting tree and the Pohutakawa where it tended to hop around the branches calling for mum, after short clumsy flights it started following her to food trees further around the property.  In the last three weeks as all the Pohutakawa have come into flower more Tui have been in the garden, mating, chasing each other and defending a new nest in a newly flowering Pohutakawa from sparrows.

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Tuis Turn Up

Posted by Mike on 7 June 2009 | 0 Comments

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The Tuis have turned up as the banksias are starting to go into flower - they are staying overnight in the trees as we hear them in the small dawn chorus - they seem to about all day and one has taken possession of the tall pine where he calls from the top

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