Fishing Trip and Dinner from Vista del Sol

Fishing Trip and Dinner from Vista del Sol

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Saturday was a lovely day - clear, calm conditions - as usual we had gentlemans hours and went fishing mid morning - what a great day - snapper, terikihi, 5lb blue cod, AND a Tuna - most unusual for our area and the first I have caught in our local waters. We were travelling between Peka Peka, where we caught the snapper to North End Kapiti Island and spied a fast moving school of fish with birds feeding on bait fish - we slowed, over the side went a lure and as we were approaching the school a hard fighting 5.5kg Albacore took the lure. Also seen were dolphins under the boat, and a seal - other inedible fish included baracuda, perch and small cod and terikihi

We had guests staying the night with a planned menu of Coconut Prawns, a main of Venison, and Apple pudding with home made butterscotch sauce and Kapiti Icecream - Out went the Venison,  replaced with Tuna Steaks and Snapper


Mike and Wally with Tuna and Blue Cod



Gurnard - the days catch

VISTA DEL SOL - View of the Sun