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Posted by Mike on 15 July 2010 | 0 Comments

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What a week for native birds at Vista del Sol -

Resident Fantails sitting within feet of my window and constantly flitting around the house, yesterday it spent time having a bath in the birdbath,

Two wood pigeons - Kereru - flew in to check out the flower buds on the Virgilia trees and spent some time fossicking around eating new shoots

Tuis are all around all day - but three in particular are interesting -

Our baby Tui from last years brood appears to have has come back and spends all day around the house singing his heart out (and practicing his singing) - you can get quite close for photos as he is not too scared - it appears when he doesnt know you or there are multiples of people he retreats to the inside of the tree

A pair of large adult Tui are back and stay close together - you can hear the difference in their song - liquid fluting sounds as opposed to the younger one trying his hardest - all day

Silver eye are back and after berries - quite poisoness - and no other birds seem to touch them - one sat on a carmelia flower and took nectar only feet away from me in the garden

Hawks seem to have a "flyway" a long the arena and past my window

A pair of Eastern Rosella Parrots - brilliantly coloured - have been in the cherry tree plucking buds off it prior to it flowering

Pukeko - blue swamp hens have moved to the back paddocks

For pictures and descriptions of these birds have a look at the history page and/or


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