Birds at Vista del Sol over Summer 2011/12

Birds at Vista del Sol over Summer 2011/12

Posted by Mike on 13 March 2012 | 0 Comments

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The planting of food trees has been good for the local bird life - we had 4 baby tuis bred this year - the nest was in the pine trees behind the Spa and Mum Tui brought them into the garden for several weeks when our nectar trees were in flower over christmas - particularly the Banksia and Pohutakawa. Most of the birds disappear for 8 weeks in late summer - Feb/March (and then you will see more bellbirds that are normally chased away by the Tuis)  - but they call though to check out the state of plants almost daily.  I saw a young Tui hopping around on the ground checking out the flowers, and one perched on the gladioli sipping nectar.

Lynette saw a Cock Ring Tailed pheasant on our back lawn several months ago - and yesterday whilst walking through the paddock by the arena stables at the house a mum pheasant with 6 babys flew out of the long grass and down the hill.

I heard grey warblers today - one of NZ best singers  

During the week I looked out from my office early in the morning and there was a whole family of Pukeko's (NZ Swamp Hen) wandering around the front of the hosue - Mum Dad and lots of fluffy chicks

We have been trapping magpies this last two weeks to reduce the population as they are very aggressive toward the native speciesa and the hawks which patrol our property hunting for rabbits


VISTA DEL SOL - View of the Sun