2011/2012 Fishing Trips

2011/2012 Fishing Trips

Posted by Mike on 13 March 2012 | 0 Comments

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We have had a wonderful season fishing with large catches of Snapper, gurnard, Terikihi and even several King fish

Last weekend (having had several previous weekends with boatloads of Snapper) following a large storm we found teh water temperature had cooled and couldnt get on to the snapper - so a quick trip to the reef gave us a great catch of Terikihi instead.

Whilst we were waiting for the snapper to turn up a school of dolphins came by - one large adult stopped at the back of the boat turned on his side for a good look at us - it was wonderful - Wally was trying to get the camera out of his bag so he missed it.  On the way to Kapiti Island to catch Terikihi we caught up with the dolphins who were travelling in the same direction -  we slowed down and many dolphins came to escort us onward, riding off the front of the boat and jumping out of the water 


Out guests have loved having fresh sea fish for dinner

VISTA DEL SOL - View of the Sun